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Listen ….the two ladies I work with at the Physical Therapy I work at are my inspirations. They are both in their mid thirties and have known each other since college. They both never planned on having children. But the one is pregnant and so happy :-) I’m so excited for her!!!! I cannot believe that the one has owned her own clinic since she turned 30. 

And the one that runs it is the best BOSS I have ever had. Literally texting me to like things on Facebook and telling me I have a “sweet car and that she’s jealous,” with happy face emoticons. I just can’t. Most of the time when I go to work there is food that patients have brought in or food that they have brought in. 

Everything about working there is beautiful 

zoewashburne asked: julie/tyra or tami/julie?
↳ “i just want you to have faith… something that you can hold onto, when i can’t hold onto you.”